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california nursing program:Is A Career In Vocational Nursing in Your Future?

In the medical fraternity nursing is one of the emerging profession, with an increasing number of takers these days. Wherein, LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">LVN training is gaining lot of popularity among those interested to pursue a career in the nursing profession. It is believed that the state of California has the highest educational standards for certification in a LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">LVN program. That is the reason more and more people are trying to find a quality LVN programs in CA.

What Are The Duties of an LVN? Collecting samples, dressing wounds, feeding and bathing patients, taking and documenting vital signs, and monitoring medical equipment are only a few of the many duties that an LVN typically performs. While the limitations differ from one state to another, LVNs are usually not allowed to do such things as push IV medications (although they are permitted to start IVs just about everywhere) or administer patients any other types of drugs unless expressly ordered by a physician or Registered Nurse.

All the above stated skills will be required to clear the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). The vocational nursing program will be of no use if the student fails to qualify this examination. Hence quality of education obtained is the key to a bright future in vocational nursing.

2. LPN is abbreviation for Licensed Practical Nurse. This course gets you certified as a practical nurse in less than a year. LPN is one of the best choices in medical field with the prospect to enhance your career with high pay. Advantages of these programs: There are lots of advantages that one can avail from LVN / LPN programs and they are: * It is best suited for the individuals who have the flexibility with the shifts and travelling. As many medical provider offer housing and competitive wages as compared to other hospital or health care industry. * As these programs are of short duration, students get the placement in hospital and clinics sooner. * It gives a career opportunity who lost the jobs and looking for some changes in career.

They must never be opted as they will do nothing but rush through the course and you will not be able to gain the practical skills required to qualify the accreditation examination. Some california nursing program providing vocational training are California Medical College, Georgetown University, John Hopkins University School of Nursing, Capella University, Walden University and the Chamberlin College of Nursing.

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