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Vocational Nurses In Home Nursing Care

Home care support is one of the most rapidly growing areas in California vocational nursing, due to the state's rapidly aging population. In response to heightened demand, the majority of vocational nursing programs in California today provide comprehensive instruction for students interested in this growing heath care treatment sector. The choice to focus on home care could be a significant help to a vocational nurse's career, as demand for home care providers in California is anticipated to grow significantly during the next decade.

The Duties of a Home Health Care Vocational Nurse

Private care settings demand the vocational nurse to make regular visits to the patient's home. Typical responsibilities on these visits include: taking patient vital signs, monitoring behavior patterns and overall health of the patient, changing dressings on wounds, administering prescription medications, and carrying out a number of other responsibilities to assist the patient. Occasionally, LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">LVNs may be required to travel with patients or visit them in places other than their places of residence.

How Much Do Home Health LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">LVNs Earn in California?

The typical yearly LVN salary in California for nurses who work in home care assistance is roughly $41,000. The actual salary can vary somewhat based on variables such as the part of the state where the nurse is employed, and the type of experience he or she has.

It is worth pointing out, though, that despite the fact that Home Health Care LVNs do not always earn much more than vocational nurses employed in more generalist settings (e.g. hospitals), their job opportunities are far more numerous. Being employed in home care environments offers the added benefit of enabling the nurse to work set, reasonably regular hours instead of the irregular shifts connected with hospital work.

Should You Specialize in Home Care Service?

Deciding on whether or not to specialize in home care assistance after you have concluded your LVN school in California is an individual one, however the rewards should certainly be considered. The ability to have a good work-personal life equilibrium and see daily results from your hard work are just two of the various likely benefits that being employed in home health care can deliver.

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